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Tiny Toy Poodles!

E-mail:  Sharon Hanson

Bone - Paw bar

I am a small Hobby Breeder/Fancier of the smallest variety of Poodles - Teacup, Tiny Toy, and Toy. I have been breeding for fine, A.K.C. Toy Poodles for almost 20 yrs, and have gained a lot of experience in Breeding for Quality Dogs. I am devoted to the Multi-Colored Poodles! My very first Poodle was a Black & White Parti, and I have always loved, and been fascinated buy this Pattern ever since. I am devoted to the breeding of these exquisite, multi-colors, and try to follow the Poodle breed standards, set forth buy A.K.C. I raise small, A.K.C. Poodles in most all of the accepted colors, but my passion is for the Exotic looking Phantom, & Exquisite Parti Patterns. No 2 animals are ever marked in the exact same way, and so fascinating, and strikingly beautiful to look at.

My dogs are a member of the family, and not kenneled. They are expected to have good manners, are socialized from birth, work on potty training, and share my home with me.
All My Poodles are A.K.C. registered, But not every not every Poodle puppy born is destined suitable for the show ring, nor should they to be used as Breeding stock, but the smallest size of the Poodles do make wonderful companions (except for small children). The Toy size variety excel in agility, tracking, hunting, and service. Most of my Poodles are sold as Pets Only, and will go to there new homes with limited registration, unless other arrangements are made with me, as to the purpose for the new puppy, prior to purchases, and Phone contact is a must!

Now a word about Shipping...
* Over-Seas Shipping can be handled through (Jet-A-Pet).

* In the U.S. I will ship only using a very reliable Ground transport Service, to be paid for in advance prier to shipping.
I prefer to sell most of my puppies locally, that way I get to meet their new owners in person, and for short distances, I will also deliver personally.

* Poodles For Showing, Hunting, Agility, Service, and as Pets *

Bone - Paw bar

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